Someone asked what storage was like on an R20 - a video is probably the easiest.

Bear in mind, Brian The Snail is an R20 hytop built on the older pre-2010 Berlingo chassis. Vans post 2010 have a different cushion layout and a different locker layout.

Also Brian The Snail has a pullman style layout with the option of a rear and forward facing seat (both with seatbelts). This means that the centre locker in the passengers side may not be available if the van is configured in pullman layout. For this video the van has been configured in conventional twin bench layout - this can be seen by the additional GRP panel which bridges the pullman feet gap and makes a third, centre locker on the passenger's side.

This video also shows some of the additional storage options we have added to our setup. The primary one is the use of Really Useful boxes as part of the bed extension. Instead of using the supplied extender panel we pull both front seats as far forward as possible and then stuff the gap with the Really Useful boxes bring them up to the level of the bench seats. This has the advantage of having clothing readily available (in the boxes) without having to delve into the lockers and also emptying much of the luton, making it also available as readily accessible storage.

Oh yeah, and the van is REALLY empty at the moment!